Michael Squibb / Art, Design, Motion, Code

Art Direction, [Mobile 1st] Web design, UX Design, App Design, Flash Development, Motion Graphics, Digital Consulting

Branding design for FoodForkLove
FoodForkLoveIn Development / Branding, Website

Grow your own food. Vote with your fork. Protect the ones you love.

I was hired to help an established company expand into an ermerging market with an editorial/community based online magazine (including a website, app, mobile site, merchandise, and an innovative advertising model). I led a talented creative and editorial team over the course of 6 months to concept and design this media property based on our research and insight. I was responsible for strategy, naming, branding, UX, UI, design, and pitching to the president of the company and his executive team. Once bought, we transferred responsibility to the company's internal creative, design, development, and editorial teams.